An ANTI-FASHION SLUG-TRAIL SLUG CRAWL hosted by SLIME TIME; featuring slugtacular talents of local Bristol and UK artists and sustainable textile makers to raise money for TRANSCEND FESTIVAL and to support our exhibitors; The Sea Cat, IAMPIFFY, Lisa Rose and Chucky Pig Productions to name a few!

We are representing and reflecting Queerness, Kink and Surrealistic Bodies in the forms of interactive installation, sound, video, sculpture, illustration and textiles.

Friday night will kick off with the live anti-fashion event with artwork, clothes and accessories for sale. The exhibition and opportunity to purchase the wonderful creations of our exhibitors will continue for the rest of the weekend.

Super Early Slug: £5.45
Slow Slugssss: £7.55






in an Italian-British illustrator based in Bristol. Her work is inspired by female and queer experiences, bodies, sexuality, and empowerment. She focuses on creating more realistic images of people, especially womxn and marginalised genders, reclaiming them from the limits of mainstream media. This presents itself through colourful, vibrant artwork with strong feminist and body positive ethics, with references to classical art, pop culture, and vintage photography.











Kim Piffy is an urban graphic artist and textile print designer. using a range of media, in combination with digital editing, she creates her own recognisable style.


She applies a passion for metaphysics with a love of neon colours and different textures.


Drawing inspiration from the camouflages & aposematisms found in the most peculiar flora & fauna, kim creates patterns and textiles for her clothing label “@iampiffy”


“The versatility of fabric allows me to easily share my creativity. The process out lives my own self expression; it is passed on to the next person and is elaborated on through their own movement and flow”


Whilst focusing on her clothing label, kim also creates mixed-media collage, murals, album art, logos and much more. 


instagram: iampiffy

facebook:  iampiffy




A surreal assemblage of materials and structures; each already containing their own histories, often personal to Price, are fastened together to propose a disabling and uncomfortable situation. She is interested in the semiotics of sculpture and objects. Concerned with the personal and wider social histories of materials and ready made objects, she creates a series of (auto)biographical sculptures . Price seeks to comment on the interchangeability of physical disability and mental illness. A kind of translation and mutuality that can aid in expression of experience.


She is  curious about the point where art object meet design object and seeks to explore this in concept, tangibility and utility. Specifically relating to assistive furniture and equipment.

Being copies: altered and fragmented ‘casts’ of the real objects, their original responsibility is removed and often disabled.


Lisa Price graduated from The University Of The West Of England with a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art. Her studio practice is based in Lawrence Hill, Bristol.





























The Sea Cat makes unique hand embroidered goods items often inspired by nature and the world around her. Most of the pieces are done free hand without the use of  a stencil, each piece involves a lot of time, patience and love. The Sea Cat has her work available online but also takes commissions for custom embroidery pieces.



Sensual, surreal and provocative, lily brett's alluring symbiotic representations of animal, human and alien forms in fluid black lines and vivid segments of colour send you to other dimensions. 










































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