Slime Time employs uv-reactive slime simultaneously as a tactile medium to combat anxiety and as a visual representation of the leopard slug’s male/female dichotomy-challenging genitalia as a platform to discuss mental health, queerness and sex and gender fluidity.


Since watching Attenborough’s ‘Life in the Undergrowth’ in 2004, depicting the Leopard Slug mating ritual, I revisited it through a queer lens in 2014, realising the slugs embodied my pansexuality and genderfluidity I did not then have the language for.


I began experimenting with fabricating my own luminescent, tactile material, using UV light to transform the visual aspect of slime to mimic the slugs’ glowing genitalia.

Primarily working with video, the slime oozed out of the screen and developed through to performance.


Working in response to animal behaviour and using a tactile, therapeutic medium, I found my anxiety subsided. I began to think positively about my body, myself and began creating interactive spaces where this could happen for others.