In June 2021 I was awarded a grant by Arts Council England made possible by public funding.

The 'Developing Your Creative Practice' grant will strategically enable the innovation of my practice

to turn the current necessity of distance into a positive step for my work previously predicated on closeness.


I set out to:


  •  Interrogate how tech is already integrated in my practice and how I can make

a step-change in my understanding of this, allowing stronger working

knowledge of my collaborators processes and more effective communication

with them.

  •  Continue to develop my practice in a new direction, in a time when all of my

creative work has otherwise stalled, leading to future opportunities for more

sustainable curatorial and producing practice.

  •  Queer the notions of touch, micro-sensory spaces + contact through an

exploration of holography and Computer Aided Design, bringing my playful,

oozy aesthetic to a new dimension.

  •  Receive mentoring on interdisciplinary practice, integrating tech into events +

exploring new, innovative technologies in my work. This will aid me to garner

new understandings of the potential of my practice, leading to a more sustainable future.

  •  Enrich skills in areas I’ve touched upon but have no formal training

(3D design/costume making with PVC + latex), giving me a new palette

to work from when I am designing future projects - increasing potential of future

collaborations with 3D designers.

  •  Experiment with 3D printing - I have access to a 3D printer but no skills to drive

its application in my practice. This time will enable a safe, process-driven

opportunity to explore the possibilities of printable design and its application

for the development of my practice.

  •  Broaden my network of local creatives, learning how they manage

interdisciplinary practice, and understand their highly technical, material


Please see the Arts Council England Website for information about the organisation and grants available :